Fiction and things

Here’s a list of places on The Internet where you can find my stories, poems, and other things. The list is not comprehensive.

  • I created this blog to post sciencey stuff, but the pull of writing fiction is too strong. You can find stories and poems by clicking on the Science Fiction or Poetry tag on the right. (Update: I wasn’t kidding about this. From April 2018 to April 2019, this blog would focus on short stories. Regular posting will resume afterward. Hopefully.)
  • One of my short stories was published by Lituminati in an anthology titled Hope.
  • Some of my poems can be found at PoetryPasta.
  • One of my short stories, The Weatherman, was published in Daily Science Fiction.
  • I used to keep a fiction blog back in high school which died sometime in 2013. Most of my old (aka unpolished) stuff is still there. Visit at your own risk.



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