10 physics facts to make your brain explode: Part one

Let’s face it. Understanding the Universe is no small feat. We’re talking about finding answers to every imaginable question and then finding more questions to find answers to. And although, physics is notoriously known for its complicated equations and convoluted slang, it is possible to be charmed by its beauty without having to delve into … More 10 physics facts to make your brain explode: Part one

A delayed post for a delayed (choice) experiment.

(It’s only fitting, after all.) One of the defining features of Quantum Mechanics is its weirdness. And although, it is easy to dismiss the “spookiness” of quantum mechanics as something which can only be observed in only state-of-the-art laboratories, the truth is you can witness this spookiness at home using readily available materials. In this … More A delayed post for a delayed (choice) experiment.

Bowing out.

The last couple of weeks have been an absolute blast, but life has finally caught up. My finals have started. Between that and the fact that this is my last semester in college, I’m a bit tied up. I don’t want to post low-quality content and so here I am, so close to end the … More Bowing out.


While doing a science experiment, a scientist needs to account for errors (that range from errors in her device to errors in her methodology). Through the course of her calculations, these errors propagate leading to a final error estimate in the result. Depending on the calculation she is doing, a small error in a measurement can lead … More PROPAGATION OF ERRORS