Week 12: Colour

I’ve had a busy week and even though I started two pieces, I couldn’t find the time to finish even one. So this week’s story is a blast from the past. This one landed me my first freelance writing gig (oh, what a short and uneventful two months those were) two years ago. Copy-pasted without … More Week 12: Colour

Week 10: There will be no robots in the future

Excerpt: Dr. M. [redacted] Interview with PMU. Date of Interview: 14.12.3030 Date of Transcript: 15.12.3030 The information contained in this transcript is classified. All redactions in this document are made under Section 35(b) of the AI act. PMU: Let’s start from the beginning. From AX124984- M:Axe. PMU:  I’m sorry? M:  Its name was Axe. Continue … More Week 10: There will be no robots in the future

Week 9: Tuffy

(Sent 17:30; 1.08.2017) Dear Mrs. Sands, This is a regular introductory email that I send to parents of newly admitted students. Ella seems to be adjusting pretty well. She is a bit shy but I think that’ll change in a couple of weeks.  There is one thing, though. In a recent class discussion on imaginary … More Week 9: Tuffy

Week 8: Akhetan

Akhetan, If everything goes as planned, this letter will find you on the morning of the twenty-fifth, 2060; on the day when the fate of twelve million people will rest in your hesitant fingers. Because today will be the day you will be commanded to annihilate the North East. As you man the battle-station, I … More Week 8: Akhetan

Week 7: Hedwig

Excerpt: One summer, when I was eight, a pair of owls came to live in one of the mango trees in our yard. We were alerted to their presence by the crows who, terrified of this brazen incursion into their territory, spent the entire morning cawing and clawing for what was rightfully theirs. By the … More Week 7: Hedwig