Week 12: Colour

I’ve had a busy week and even though I started two pieces, I couldn’t find the time to finish even one. So this week’s story is a blast from the past. This one landed me my first freelance writing gig (oh, what a short and uneventful two months those were) two years ago. Copy-pasted without … More Week 12: Colour

Week 10: There will be no robots in the future

Excerpt: Dr. M. [redacted] Interview with PMU. Date of Interview: 14.12.3030 Date of Transcript: 15.12.3030 The information contained in this transcript is classified. All redactions in this document are made under Section 35(b) of the AI act. PMU: Let’s start from the beginning. From AX124984- M:Axe. PMU:  I’m sorry? M:  Its name was Axe. Continue … More Week 10: There will be no robots in the future

Week 9: Tuffy

(Sent 17:30; 1.08.2017) Dear Mrs. Sands, This is a regular introductory email that I send to parents of newly admitted students. Ella seems to be adjusting pretty well. She is a bit shy but I think that’ll change in a couple of weeks.  There is one thing, though. In a recent class discussion on imaginary … More Week 9: Tuffy