PSA on gender discrimination in STEM

“The story of crimes against women is one that runs as red and as deep in my blood as it does in yours. ” … More PSA on gender discrimination in STEM



When someone tells you a scientific theory (one based on years of research) is “just a theory”: That is all. *  

10 physics facts to make your brain explode: Part one

Let’s face it. Understanding the Universe is no small feat. We’re talking about finding answers to every imaginable question and then finding more questions to find answers to. And although, physics is notoriously known for its complicated equations and convoluted slang, it is possible to be charmed by its beauty without having to delve into … More 10 physics facts to make your brain explode: Part one


You are reading a blog post on a blog that you chanced upon on a list that contains over a thousand such blogs. You clicked on the link, maybe because you love science or maybe because you’re just a nice person who wants to make new friends. In any case, you are now reading a … More FREE WILL

ENTROPY: Enslaved by Chaos

PHYSICS STYLE EXISTENTIAL CRISIS Incidentally, I have an assignment submission tomorrow on Entropy and here I am contemplating the End. Well, that’s all for today. If you have any questions, comment below! Or just say “Hi!” and leave a link to your blog. See you tomorrow!