It’s happening. Like I predicted. Mid-July. The excuse reason? I’ve officially started writing my Master thesis which means I cannot bring myself to write anything else (mostly because I cannot stand the sight of a blinking cursor without being filled with dread, and partly because I don’t have time to edit things I do write). I will be back. At some point. Unless the vacuum decays and reality crumbles around us.

For now, a hella equations need assembling and a hella words need writing.

So, in accordance with Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale, Act III:

Exit, pursued by a bear. 


Today we mourn the demise of The Ray Bradbury Project: a (short-lived) short-story challenge I started and am now abandoning. To read stuff I did write, check out the tags on the right. Sporadic posting might continue because hope is the thing with feathers. Until next time. 



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