Week 15: The Reaper — Part II

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They converged on them slowly. The slight tremor in the air hinted at their number. Larger than he had ever encountered. Greater than the sum of his journeys across. They wanted the girl. Their greed trembled through the barren earth beneath their feet, lunged through the sky above their heads. For some reason, the girl was important. He glanced at her, gauging her soulform. The only soul to have spoken to him. Was this the reason… It was not his place to be curious. It was not his place to know.

And yet as he stood there, his mind started to wander. Before he knew it, he was trying to pluck out the reason for her importance from the Cekthral’s collective conscience. For the first time, he dived into their mind.

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This story was written as part of The Ray Bradbury Project. Essentially, I’m aiming to write one short story a week for a year. If you’d like to read the stories from the past weeks, check out the tags on the right.


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