Week 10: There will be no robots in the future



Dr. M. [redacted] Interview with PMU.
Date of Interview: 14.12.3030
Date of Transcript: 15.12.3030
The information contained in this transcript is classified. All redactions in this document are made under Section 35(b) of the AI act.

PMU: Let’s start from the beginning. From AX124984-
PMU:  I’m sorry?
M:  Its name was Axe.

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I find it really interesting how when we think of AI we invariably think of an evil AI that would spell doom for humanity when in fact, it is far more likely that our paranoia and hatred of anything that is ‘different’ or ‘new’ would extend to the machines we build, causing their destruction much sooner than they cause ours.

Of course, this comes from a place of extreme pessimism. But if recent events (or the entirety of human history, for that matter) are anything to go by, this pessimism is not entirely misplaced.

I mean humanity is more than capable of orchestrating its own demise. We don’t need intelligent machines for that.

Anyway, here’s an interesting article on how artificial neural networks grow brainlike navigation cells, which initially inspired this story.

Until next week.


This story was written as part of The Ray Bradbury Project. I’m writing one story a week for a year (or as long as I can keep it up). You can read the previous installments by checking out the tags on the right! 


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