Week 4: He Will Knock Four Times

Paper.Sketches.9 2


He will knock four times.

The first you will ignore

despite its insistent intensity.

The wind often roars

its secrets to the trees

and sometimes

leafless branches scrape your windows

and beady black squirrel eyes peer inside

from one kind of darkness

into another.


if unsettling.

Click here to read the rest of it!

I wasn’t entirely kidding when I said ‘stories told in the form of poetry of dubious quality’. I initially wrote this as prose but it felt like a poem on being read aloud (as pointed out by my brother), so a poem it is. The title is another Doctor Who reference (Spoilers!). Will I stop with these references? No. (I guess the next logical step would be to just write fan-fiction, Ha.)

Anyway, it’s been a month. 11 more to go. Let’s see how long I can keep this up.

Until next week!


If you’re confused as to what is happening, this story/poem was written as part of The Ray Bradbury Project. Basically, I have committed to writing one short story a week for a year (or as long as inspiration holds). You can read the previous installments by clicking on the tags on the right. 



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