Week 3: The Watchmaker


pexels-photo-859933The Watchmaker was late. Which could only mean something was about to go wrong. Milo paced the length of the King’s Gardens, a nervous frown creeping upon his face. Ever since he had commissioned the Watchmaker to repair the castle’s hundred odd clocks, things had been…peculiar. On her first day, there had been a small fire in the kitchen. It wouldn’t have been strange if she hadn’t been alone in the kitchen and had the fire not started next to the entrance, more than ten feet away from fuel and flame. When questioned about it, the Watchmaker had shrugged and muttered something about energy imbalances caused due to improperly constraining temporal loops. She had fixed the clock though –which had been broken for the past ten years – and so she was allowed to stay with a warning. On her second day, the hours seemed to stretch on forever. Now, it could be because of Milo’s new assignment as her babysitter but he was growing increasingly wary of this bespectacled woman whose knowledge of clocks greatly exceeded her knowledge of absolutely everything else. On her third day, she had fiddled with the clocks in the throne room and nothing had happened. Except, a riot had broken out on the far side of the town and though it was quickly quashed and though Milo had no way to prove her involvement, he felt the first stirrings of unease in the pit of his stomach. The Watchmaker had whistled on her way back home that day.

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Inspiration and Such:

Last week’s story was a bit serious, so I’m balancing things out this week. If you can’t already tell, the Watchmaker’s character is inspired by The Doctor’s. I’m super excited for Jodie’s take on The Doctor. (I’m sure she would be brilliant.)

See you next week!


If this is your first time here, this story is a part of The Ray Bradbury Project. Basically, I’m attempting to write one short story per week for a year. You can read the ones from previous weeks by checking out the relevant tags on the right! 


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