(INVISIBILITY) CLOAKS: Wizards vs. Muggles

Muggles, rejoice! From the delightful world of Physics, today I bring to you Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak.

Well, not exactly. (I lost my wizarding world privileges after I flew my moody invisible car to Hogwarts because I missed the train. Not everyone gets an easy pass.)

But I bring to you the next best thing! The Science of Cloaking.

Invisibility has always been a staple of Science Fiction. But what does being invisible actually mean? To understand this, we need to understand what seeing is. We see things when light bounces off of them and lands on tiny detectors in our eyes. For something to be invisible, light would have to

  1. Transmit completely, or,
  2. Bend around the object.

In either case, we need to stop the reflection of light.


The muggles are nowhere near cloning Harry’s cloak however. There have been interesting experiments and breakthroughs (like this one) but we still have a long way to go. Until then, I guess we’d just have to accept our boring, cloak free, magic devoid existence.

(On the plus side, we don’t have Voldemort.)

(On the minus side, we have people a lot worse. Sigh)

That’s all for today! I’m keeping the A-Z posts short. If you have any questions, comment below! Or just say “Hi!” and leave a link to your blog! See you tomorrow.


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