“Houston, We Have A Problem”: Space Opera

*inspired by the recent news of there being weird space music in the archived recordings of NASA’s Apollo 10 mission (and other recent events which I will refrain from listing). This is work of fiction. (duh.)

Space Opera

“It is my duty to inform you today, that the rumors that you have heard, the fears that have festered in your hearts for the past few weeks, are…sadly true. I will keep this as short as possible because now is not the time to engage in discussions or debates. Now is the time to be with our families.

Many years ago, the Apollo 10 mission picked up a series of sounds, during a time when it had lost all radio contact with Earth. The sounds were ascribed to interference and dismissed as unimportant. We have decrypted the signal now. And it doesn’t bring glad tidings.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are not alone.

I had always dreamt of saying these words with pride. Never did I think that these words would spell a kind of doom we never envisioned. The life forms that we have contacted are not only superior in terms of technology and intelligence, but they are also coalesced into a united front. And they are not amused by our portrayal of their many races. In our movies and in our literature we have demoted extra-terrestrial life to bad graphics and monolithic personalities. We have made them incapable of thought and emotion. But I suppose that shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, we have a history of ostracizing those who are different, may it be in culture or speech or looks.

The High Council is not amused. We are too young to understand the games they play to control their power structure. We have tried to reason with them, begged for forgiveness, defended our right to speak and yet they remain adamant in their demands for our complete removal.

People of Earth, know that we can’t do anything to prevent what is happening. Know that we are fighting. But be prepared for a devastating outcome for at this point in time, it is unlikely that we will win.

It seems that we, the human race, have a knack of making our discoveries grand and our exploits even grander. We always believed that if we made contact – when we made contact—it would be extravagant. Never did we imagine that something as innocuous as an unexplained radio signal could be the symphony of the end. And so it makes it even more ironic that this is how we go out. Not with a bang, but with a whimper.”

-Excerpt from a speech given by the Last Director of SEET (Space Exploration and Extra-Terrestrial Life), Earth, right after the High Council sentenced the Earthlings to oblivion for crimes against The Galaxy: A politically driven decision which was widely condemned by the general population because of its authoritarian motivation and lack of a fair trial.    


Feel free to read between the lines. Or nor. Feel free to comment. Opinions welcome.

Until next time.



Go listen to the space opera here.

Want to listen to other symphonies from outer space? Hear the sound of two black holes merging here and read my post on it here.

Note: The image depicted above is of the Carina Nebula: one of the most dynamic, complex places we know of in the Milky Way. Sourced from NASA image gallery.


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