Reflections on reflections

Cheesy, I know. But bear with me a bit. 

Also disclaimer: this post is wibbly-wobbly, crazy science fiction, pseudo-philosophical stuff. Just saying. So. 


The other day, as I was peering out of a car window contemplating the big questions of life (why actually did the chicken cross the road?) I happened to see my reflection. Well obviously, you say. But then my train of thoughts derailed and ended somewhere near the ‘warning: crazies ahead’ station. 

I started thinking about the ‘being’ of reflections. We all know the physics behind reflections. Light, photons and eighth standard ray diagrams. But what we haven’t really wondered about (or at least I hadn’t wondered about) is the idea of our reflections being more than just a play of light. And this is where the craziness started. Your reflection, is in essence, a two-dimensional imprint of your three-dimensional self. It copies everything you do. (Or, food for thought, do you copy it?) It’s always there, because light bouncing off of you is always…well, going somewhere. You might not have a glass surface nearby to see it but that doesn’t mean your reflection ceases to exist. Think about it. A parallel universe, where you reflection is mimicking your every action, completely oblivious of you. Maybe in that parallel world, when your reflection looks in the mirror she sees a three-dimensional being staring back. Maybe they have wackier laws of physics that explain this phenomenon. Maybe in that world my reflection is writing this same blog post just her letters are inverted (for us, that is. I assume they would consider the inverted-ness of letters as normal.)

So yeah, I completely forgot about the chicken (maybe my reflection did too) and this train wreck of a thought occupied my mind so much that I just had to write about it.

But I really think it’s not all that crazy talking about this. After all aren’t we just the three-dimensional imprints of our four-dimensional selves? 

We are always on the lookout for other dimensions. It just might be that some of them are, quite literally, staring us in the face.




That, or maybe it’s finals week and I am not ready to have a face off with transforms just yet.

Yeah maybe that’s it.

Until next time.


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