Speed limit: 3×10^8 m/s

I recently got the opportunity to visit IUAC (Inter University Accelerator Centre), New Delhi, and can I say, it was awesome. 


IUAC houses the pelletron accelerator, (inside the tower you see in this image), apart from other (really) cool pieces of equipment (like the neutron detector which looks like it has been ripped straight out of sci-fi movie).


It had various kinds of detectors actually. For your viewing pleasure:


We were taught a lot of stuff, had a mini (somewhat easy) quiz but one of the major takeaways of this trip/workshop would have to be the feel of physics. Sure we learn a lot about the theory of particle acceleration, the mathematics that governs the process and the applications and shortcomings of various devices, but really seeing an accelerator at work, listening to its gentle hum, feeling the slight tremor in the ground beneath your feet as it pumps out infinitesimally small particles that collide, change, as they zip through various laboratories…that my friend is something that makes you fall in love with the beauty and elegance and the complex simplicity of the subject that is physics.

Until next time.


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