Getting started…

Physics. Tell people you are pursuing a degree in physics and you get one of the two responses (at least if you are from my country):

  1. “But it is so hard!”
  2. “Why not engineering?”

I don’t find physics to be hard. Challenging, yes. But not hard. I would leave the answer to the second question for a future post.

I’m irked by the stereotypes associated with physics. One of them is that physicists are these boring, lab-coat wearing, robots who have no room for imagination; who disregard everything that comes off as non-scientific. It might be true for some, but it couldn’t be further from truth for me. The story behind the presence (or rather absence) of ether has taught us, if nothing else, one thing: the greatest of physical laws can be fallible.

And so I believe imagination is a crucial part of being a scientist. Because you need an open mind to pursue science. Because you need to think outside of the box. Because you must be able to swim in depths of your own consciousness and create ideas and designs, without lifting a finger and I think that is an amazing power to have. The power of imagination. And coupled with scientific intuition, it is a cradle of new discoveries.

Until next time.


2 thoughts on “Getting started…

  1. I share your thoughts on being a physics student. I’m curious where are you from? I think it’s especially hard to be seen as a serious physics student if you are a woman. Cause when people look at me they don’t see the chlichés they are expecting. I’m looking forward to new posts regarding physics and life as a physics student!



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