Simplified: Freeze-in of Dark Matter in Five Steps

With my newly acquired free-time, I wondered whether it would be possible to elaborate on my actual research in a manner accessible to general audiences. This is the first attempt at that. I take a shot at explaining the main ideas behind the paper which resulted from my Master’s thesis. And I do this without using … More Simplified: Freeze-in of Dark Matter in Five Steps


It’s happening. Like I predicted. Mid-July. The excuse reason? I’ve officially started writing my Master thesis which means I cannot bring myself to write anything else (mostly because I cannot stand the sight of a blinking cursor without being filled with dread, and partly because I don’t have time to edit things I do write). … More (fin.)

Week 12: Colour

I’ve had a busy week and even though I started two pieces, I couldn’t find the time to finish even one. So this week’s story is a blast from the past. This one landed me my first freelance writing gig (oh, what a short and uneventful two months those were) two years ago. Copy-pasted without … More Week 12: Colour